Ingredients to Recipe: Baby dum aloo Delicious

Baby dum aloo. Baby Dum Aloo is a very delicious Indian side dish prepared with fried baby potatoes in a tasty and spicy gravy. Dum baby potato is a perfect dish for. Dum Aloo is very popular veg recipe of Indian cuisine.

Delicious baby potato preparation that's The dum aloo gravy gets its deep flavour and luscious texture from a paste of onions and spices, cooked. When you are looking to cook up something quick and hassle free, go for the ever trustworthy baby potatoes. They look great when served hot and taste heavenly. Cooking Baby dum aloo is a fun point, furthermore it becomes a lot more unique value if you cook it on your own. By using the following 10 active ingredients, you can start cooking 6 actions. observe the adhering to section for you to start cooking right away.

Ingredients of Baby dum aloo

  1. Require 500 gm – Baby aloo.
  2. You need 2tbsp – Oil.
  3. You need 1tsp for Jeera.
  4. You need 1 cup for Tamatar paste.
  5. Give 1spoon Adrak /harimirchi paste.
  6. Require of Namak swad anusaar.
  7. Require 1tsp of Haldi pwoder.
  8. You need 1tbsp – Laal mirch pwoder.
  9. Give 1tbsp of Dhaniyaa pwoder.
  10. Prepare 1tsp of Garammasaala.

I have been thinking of making dum aloo for quite a long time. Each time i used to buy baby potatoes specially to make this, but somehow end up in trying. Luchi and aloo dum have become a fortnightly breakfast at home. so I make the Bengali aloo dum in The recipe is pretty much like the way alur dom is made. I have not used baby potatoes but new.

Baby dum aloo making process

  1. Kadhhi me oil garamkare,zeere ka takda dai!.
  2. Chile huwe aalu daal kar 5mint ke liye tej aanch par fry karein.
  3. Saare pise huwe massale aur tamaar adark..mirchi paste daal kar ache se mix karein.
  4. Namak daal kar dheemi aanch par 10mint dak dai.
  5. Phir thodi der baad chak karein agr aali gal gaye toh 1cup paani daal kar 5mint ke pakaa le.
  6. Hari dhaniya daal kar roti chawal ke sath le…

Stuffed dum aloo recipe, Awadhi dum aloo recipe, Easy Shahi Dum Alu recipe, Bharwa Aloo Baby potatoes stuffed with paneer, seasoned with spices are dum cooked in rich and creamy gravy. The delicious Banarasi Dum Aloo is one of the most coveted potato curry in the Indian menu. Baby potatoes sauteed between spices and herbs, giving a satiating aroma all around. I wanted to try Dum Aloo Recipe since long…. Baby potatoes cooked in a rich simmered tomato curd based gravy…I just loved the aroma of curd and tangy flavour of it in the gravy.

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