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Garlic tomato onion Chutney. Onion Tomato Chutney – Easy Recipe with no tempering and with flavors of onions. Both the versions of tomato chutney taste good and go well with South Indian Snacks like Idli, Dosa, Vada or Uttapam. Onion tomato chutney – Onion is one of the main ingredient used to bring in a mild sweet aroma and balance the tang from tomatoes.

Tomato chutney is yet another chutney variety for Idly/Dosa. Unlike other chutneys, the tomato chutney is prepared little spicy and hot. I always prefer to make tomato chutney than other varieties as this combination is classic. Food preparation Garlic tomato onion Chutney is a fun point, furthermore it becomes a lot more unique worth if you prepare it on your own. By utilizing the adhering to 10 active ingredients, you can begin cooking 7 actions. observe the complying with area for you to start cooking promptly.

Ingredients requirements – Garlic tomato onion Chutney

  1. You need 10-12 – garlic cloves.
  2. It’s 2 – onion chopped into slices.
  3. Prepare 2 of tomatoes chopped into slices.
  4. Require 3-4 of soaked lal kashmiri mirch.
  5. Provide 1 of ts chana daal.
  6. You need 1 of ts salt.
  7. It’s 1 – ts sugar.
  8. Need 1 – ts mustard seeds.
  9. Need 5-6 curry leaves.
  10. Require 2 – ts oil.

Also this is no onion no garlic recipe. This Garlic Tomato Chutney is made with tomatoes, spring onions and garlic. Garlic helps in giving uniqueness to the chutney, tomatoes give the tanginess to Garlic Tomato Chutney is supremely healthy and easy to make. You can relish this chutney with dosa or chillas or even with khakhras.

Garlic tomato onion Chutney start cooking

  1. First heat a pan. Add one spoon oil.Add chana daal, onion, garlic. keep stirring..
  2. Add tomatoes. keep stir.Add soaked mirch, salt, sugar in it..
  3. When cook properly.Off the flame. cool it..
  4. Grind into paste..
  5. Now again heat a pan.Add mustard seeds, curry leaves, garlic chutney in it..
  6. Cook it well.now chutney is ready..
  7. We can eat it dosa, roti, parantha etc….

They are fairly esay to make and you can servred as a side dish for idly ,dosai. This recipe of tomato chutney is one of my favorites. It's simple and goes well with so many things! Onion chutney – right back at ya! Of the various dips and sides available for curry (including this tomato chutney and cucumber raita) onion chutney is probably my all-time favourite.

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