Easy way to Make Tomato Cucumber Raita Perfect

Tomato Cucumber Raita.

Cooking Tomato Cucumber Raita is a fun point, moreover it becomes a lot more unique worth if you cook it on your own. By utilizing the complying with 5 active ingredients, you can start cooking 5 steps. observe the following section for you to begin cooking quickly.

Ingredients requirements Tomato Cucumber Raita

  1. Need 1 cup curd.
  2. Prepare 1 tomato chopped.
  3. It’s 1 for Cucumber chopped.
  4. Require to taste salt.
  5. Require 1/2 tsp – black pepper Powder.

Tomato Cucumber Raita making process

  1. In a bowl add curd.whisk it.
  2. Then add onion and cucumber.mix it..
  3. Now add salt and pepper powder..
  4. Mix again..
  5. Raita is ready to serve..

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