Seasoning to Recipe: Chayote and Potato stir fry salad Appetizing

Chayote and Potato stir fry salad. This chayote mushroom stir-fry will make very nice banchan to serve with any Korean meals. Stir-fry them with some fresh chili and garlic, and it will be very delicious! Slice the chayote thinly into matchsticks.

Which means hot and sour shredded potato stir fry. If you ask any Chinese people. The texture of potatoes when quickly stir fried is so unique and different from other potato dishes. Cooking Chayote and Potato stir fry salad is a fun point, in addition it comes to be a lot more unique value if you prepare it yourself. By utilizing the complying with 7 ingredients, you can begin cooking 4 steps. observe the adhering to section for you to start cooking instantly.

Composition of Chayote and Potato stir fry salad

  1. Give for Chow chow or Chayote – 1 medium sized.
  2. Provide – Potato – 1 medium sized.
  3. Prepare 1 of Onion -.
  4. Prepare – Olive oil – amount for stir fry.
  5. It’s Salt.
  6. You need – Chilli flakes.
  7. Give – Coriander Powder.

Buy a cook book only for few favourite recipes! One recipe I always came back to from this cook book was "Pork and Potato Stir Fry" from the Chinese section. Young and tender chayote can be served finely sliced raw in salads, or it can be served puréed, or diced in soups or stews, or sautéed, steamed, boiled, stir-fried, deep-fried, and baked. Add sugar or brown sugar and chayote can be served as a dessert.

Chayote and Potato stir fry salad start cooking

  1. Take a pan and add sufficient amount of olive oil for Stir fry, allow the oil to heat. Add diced Chayote and potato and allow it to cook till they turn mushy. Turn of the pan and put the Chayote aside..
  2. Take a pan and put some olive oil and allow it to heat, add onion and allow it to be cooked until they are translucent. Now add the Chayote and potato which is cooked to this pan..
  3. Add salt, chilli flakes and coriander powder to it. Allow it to be steam cooked in low flame for 5 mins..
  4. Chayote and potato stir fry salad is ready. It's good to have it as a salad or an appetizer..

Stir-fry, frequently stirring, until all the ingredients are well cooked, golden brown, but still crispy. Add salt as needed, and complete with black pepper Chayote is a very versatile ingredient: it's delicious both raw into salads or tartare, and cooked fast and crispy. Today I propose a tasty side, perfect. This recipe is a super fast way to cook and enjoy potatoes, with a new Stir-fry them vigorously, without stopping, to briefly cook the shreds but still make sure they maintain their toothsome quality I was shooting my mom cutting the potato slices for the salad. Stir-fried shredded potato with Sichuan peppercorn and dried chili peppers—炝炒土豆丝.

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