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Custard Apple Rabdi. To begin making Sitaphal Rabdi Recipe. Mix custard apple pulp, double cream, and sugar together, add the ground almonds and mix. Sitaphal basundi is a rich and delicious mishtan of thickened milk, variation to plain Gujarati basundi very similar to the North Indian rabdi. custard apple basundi is.

Custard apple tree, or Annona squamosa, is a deciduous fruit tree in the Annona family and is native to the West Indies and was brought to Central America and southern Mexico. Custard Apple Rabdi, is a delightful festive dessert or otherwise. Enjoy this when markets are flooded with fruit and enjoy! Cooking Custard Apple Rabdi is a fun point, additionally it ends up being extra unique value if you prepare it on your own. By using the adhering to 4 components, you can start cooking 3 steps. observe the adhering to section for you to begin cooking promptly.

Ingredients for Custard Apple Rabdi

  1. Give 1/2 litre – Milk.
  2. Give 1/2 cup of – Custard Apple Pulp(sitafal).
  3. Need 1/4 cup of Condensed Milk.
  4. Prepare 1 tbsp for Pistachios (chopped).

So here's my new post,and this time it is Custard Apple (Sitafal) Rabdi! Sitaphal (Custard Apple) Rabdi is the unique mixture of sitaphal pulp and sweeteners. This is a special sweet delicacy that is highly served during Diwali and other Hindu festivals. Custard Apple Rabdi, is a delightful festive dessert or otherwise.

Custard Apple Rabdi making

  1. Heat milk in a pan, and cook till it becomes half. Stir it continuously..
  2. Now add pulp and cook for 3-4 mins at low flame..
  3. Add condensed milk, mix well and off the flame. Custard apple rabdi is ready. Garnish with pistachios. Keep in fridge and serve it..

Enjoy this when markets are flooded with fruit and enjoy!. Custard apple is a delicious, pleasantly fragrant fruit in the Annona family. The fruit is popular for its sweet and slightly tangy, creamy textured flesh. It is also known as bullock's heart in the English. Custard Apple Rabdi Recipe Подробнее. ફક્ત ૫ મિનિટમાં ૨ થી ૩ કીલો સીતાફળ નો પલ્પ કાઢી સ્ટોર કરવાની રીત/ how to store custard apple pulp Подробнее.

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