Ingredients to Prepare Sitafal (custard apple) ice cream Perfect

Sitafal (custard apple) ice cream. #sitafalicecream #custardappleicecream #naturalicecream #icecreamrecipe #icecreamathome Hi All, Sitafal season is here and even though winters are there we. Sitaphal Ice Cream, a combination of ice cream and exotic, creamy fruit, is next level dessert goodness. I guarantee you will love it.

Now add the crushed marie biscuits. Hi…made the sitafal ice cream…turned out delicious!!. Can this same recipe be used with other fruits like chickoo., mango etc? dassana amit. Food preparation Sitafal (custard apple) ice cream is an enjoyable point, in addition it comes to be much more unique value if you cook it on your own. By utilizing the complying with 6 components, you can start cooking 4 steps. observe the following section for you to begin cooking right away.

Ingredients requirements Sitafal (custard apple) ice cream

  1. Provide 1 cup of full fat milk.
  2. Provide 3/4 cup for milk powder.
  3. Provide 1/2 cup of condensed milk.
  4. Provide 1/2 cup – Fresh cream.
  5. You need 1 cup – Custard apple pulp.
  6. It’s 1 tsp of Vanilla extract.

Delicious Creamy Home Made icecream with the Goodness of the Seasonal Fruit Sitaphal (Custard Apple Cream (sitafal icecream)). Custard Apple, Sitafal : There are many antioxidants in custard apple like vitamin C, flavonoids, phenolic compounds. Benefits of Custard Apples to Pregnant Women. Risks of Eating Custard Apples During Pregnancy.

Sitafal (custard apple) ice cream instructions

  1. In one bowl add milk,Milk powder,condensed milk, fresh cream,mix it well.
  2. Heat this mixture until one boil,after one boil turn off gas,set this mixture at room temperature,pour this mixture into air tight container,refrigerat it for 7-8 hour.
  3. Take out the mixture from freezer, whip it by hand mixture, after whipping,add Custard Apple pulp and vanilla extract,.
  4. Then put in container, keep it in freezer for 7-8 hour, custard apple ice cream ready to served.

Method: Add milk to the pulp. Also, add sugar and vanilla ice cream. #panrecipe#sitafal (custardapple ). Custard apple is a common name for a fruit, and the tree which bears it, Annona reticulata. The fruits vary in shape, heart-shaped, spherical, oblong or irregular. I have written this answer before, so I'm posting the content again.

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