Easy way to Recipe: Nachani chi Bhakari / Ragi Bhakari with Thecha Perfect

Nachani chi Bhakari / Ragi Bhakari with Thecha.

Food preparation Nachani chi Bhakari / Ragi Bhakari with Thecha is a fun thing, in addition it comes to be more unique worth if you cook it yourself. By using the adhering to 10 active ingredients, you can begin cooking 10 steps. observe the adhering to area for you to start cooking immediately.

Ingredients – Nachani chi Bhakari / Ragi Bhakari with Thecha

  1. You need 2 cups Ragi Flour / Nachani Flour.
  2. Need to taste Salt.
  3. Prepare as needed Warm water.
  4. You need – For Kolhapuri Thecha.
  5. It’s 8-10 for Red and green chilli mixed.
  6. You need 1 teaspoon of Jeera.
  7. Require 5 – Garlic cloves.
  8. Require 2 teaspoon for Lemon juice.
  9. Give 1 tablespoon of Oil.
  10. Prepare to taste for Salt.

Nachani chi Bhakari / Ragi Bhakari with Thecha process

  1. In a mixing bowl take Ragi flour, salt to taste,mix well and knead a soft dough using warm water.. knead it well to remove any lump. Keep covered for some time.
  2. Take a big cricket ball size dough, dust it with some dry flour and roll out bhakari,as big as possible, it should not crack.
  3. Heat a pan,and place bhakari.
  4. Cook from both sides. If it cracks, apply some water carefully directly on bhakari.
  5. Dry roast directly on flame.
  6. Dry roast from both sides.
  7. Apply some peanut oil on bhakari and Serve hot with Thecha, onion slice and green chilli..
  8. For Kolhapuri Thecha, heat some oil in a pan, add green chilli, garlic cloves and jeera to it, sauté for a while and switch off heat..
  9. Ads salt and lemon juice to it and coarsely (dardaraa) grind it.. Spicy Kolhapuri Thecha in ready to serve..
  10. Serve hot and enjoy, health with taste…

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