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Colourfull Apple Gujiya. This apple gujiya recipe takes some elements of apple pie. It is a tradition in many parts of India to make gujiyas for the festival of Holi. Making gujiya requires some time and effort.

Apple gujiya in particular is especially delicious and amazing. It is the ultimate combination of the definitive American dessert, apple pie, and good old-fashioned Indian cooking techniques. It is not very difficult to prepare and cook an apple gujiya. Cooking Colourfull Apple Gujiya is an enjoyable thing, in addition it comes to be much more unique value if you prepare it yourself. By using the adhering to 21 ingredients, you can start cooking 18 steps. observe the adhering to section for you to begin cooking immediately.

Ingredients – Colourfull Apple Gujiya

  1. Provide – For Dough.
  2. It’s 1 cup maida.
  3. You need 1 tbsp semolina.
  4. Prepare 2 tsp Ghee.
  5. Prepare Pinch salt.
  6. Require Pinch – orange food colour.
  7. Need Pinch of yellow food colour.
  8. Provide Pinch of green food colour.
  9. Give 3 tsp – milk.
  10. You need as needed Water.
  11. You need Oil for deep fry.
  12. Prepare For stuffing.
  13. Provide 2 of large Apples grated.
  14. It’s 5-6 tbsp for jaggery powder.
  15. Prepare 3/4 cup of dessicated coconut powder.
  16. Need 1 tbsp of chopped Pistachios.
  17. You need 1 tbsp – Raisins.
  18. Provide 1 tbsp of roughly chopped cashews.
  19. Require 1 tsp – cinnamon powder.
  20. It’s 1/2 tsp cardamom powder.
  21. Need 3 tbsp ghee.

Apple Gujiya, the traditional festive sweet Gujiya which is normally stuffed with mava gets a fruity twist. Stewed apples, nuts and spices go into making this tradiional sweet treat. This festive season serve Apple Gujiyas and get lots of compliments for the innovative twist to the traditional recipe. Make thin round discs of the dough, add the stuffing and seal the gujiya.

Colourfull Apple Gujiya start cooking

  1. In the mixing bowl add sieved purpose flour, salt, 3 tsp ghee mix well and rub with hands. It becomes bread crumbles or if it's holds shape.
  2. Now divide into 3 equal portion parts. And add pinch if orange food colour in one part..
  3. Next add pinch of green food colour in another one part. Same as it add pinch of yellow food colour in another one part..
  4. Further add 3 tsp of milk in each flour mixture. And knead the smooth dough separately..
  5. Now cover with the moist cloth and rest it for half an hour..
  6. For stuffing :- Take 2 Apples wash, core and peeled. And take large hole grater and grate the Apples. Add lemon juice into it thoroughly mix well To avoid the brown colour..
  7. Now heat 3 tbsp ghee add chopped dry fruits. Fry then till they turns light golden brown colour and keep aside. In the same pan add grated Apples saute well till the most moisture is gone..
  8. After add Jaggery powder mix well on medium flame. Then add dessicated coconut powder and continue to stir well..
  9. It becomes dry thick consistency. Now add cinnamon powder, cardamom powder and fried cashews, raisins and Pistachios..
  10. Combine well for a minute on medium flame. Now stuffing is ready. off the flame and cool them completely at room temperature..
  11. Next take the dough's and prepare the equal portion of balls..
  12. Take one ball and roll it like a desire size puri with the help of rolling pin..
  13. Then fill the Apple mixture on the center of puri..
  14. Apply little bit of milk (not too much) on edge's. And flip or fold one side over the filling & bring the 2 sides together..
  15. Now gently press with finger's and make the designs or use Gujiya maker or Press with fork edges are well sealed or else the filling will spill out while frying..
  16. Now heat the oil Once Oil is hot sufficiently. Drop the prepared Gujiyas & fry both sides in medium hot oil until they turns crispy..
  17. Once fried serve hot or cool and store them in airtight container when they are cooled completely..
  18. Enjoy Delicious Apple Gujiyas..

Dust the baking tray with flour and place the gujiyas over it. Glaze the gujiyas with the honey dip. I'm Sara and my goal is to help you engage all your students in reading. Mawa gujiya is served plain. once they are cooled, then keep them in air-tight box and they stay well for some days. In a bowl take both the whole wheat flour (atta), all purpose flour (maida) and ΒΌ tsp salt.

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