How to Cook Paneer Rasmalai Delicious

Paneer Rasmalai.

Cooking Paneer Rasmalai is a fun point, additionally it comes to be a lot more special worth if you cook it on your own. By utilizing the adhering to 14 components, you can begin cooking 21 steps. observe the following section for you to begin cooking right away.

Ingredients of Paneer Rasmalai

  1. It’s 1 litre toned milk.
  2. Provide 2 tbsp for white vinegar or lemon juice.
  3. Provide 2 tbsp – water.
  4. Give 2 cups for sugar.
  5. Provide 6 cups water.
  6. Require 1/2 tsp of cornflour.
  7. Prepare 1/2 tsp elaichi powder.
  8. Require 10-12 for ice cubes.
  9. Give 1/2 for litter milk(for making rabdi).
  10. Provide 1 pinch kesar.
  11. Require 1/2 tsp – elaichi powder.
  12. Need 1 pinch for yellow food colour.
  13. Require 1/2 cup for sugar.
  14. Require 1/2 cup for chopped pistachios and badam.

Paneer Rasmalai how to cook

  1. Let it little cool..
  2. Add water and vinegar and mix it.
  3. Add this mixture in milk and stirring milk until it cuddles..
  4. Strain in a strainer and press with help of any weight for 30 minutes. Paneer is ready for rasmalai..
  5. Transfer this paneer in a large plate.Add cornflour and elaichi powder and mash with your palm till very smooth like butter..
  6. It will take may be 8 to10 minutes..
  7. Now divide equal part of mashed paneer..
  8. Roll each portion in the middle of your palm and lightly press to make a rasmalai shape..
  9. In a broad pan add sugar and water keep it for boilling..
  10. When sugar water boilled add all paneer goli one by one into sugar syrup..
  11. Cook for 15 minutes. It's done.
  12. In a bowl put ice cubes add 1 cup sugar syrup in it..
  13. After rest for 30 minutes transfer rasmalai into cool cool ice cubes bowl for stabilizer..
  14. In a pan heat milk for rabri.
  15. Add kesar,elaichi powder and yellow food colour.Add sugar and stir..
  16. Stir continuously till milk becomes thick about 400 grams..
  17. Rabri is ready..
  18. Let it cool down..
  19. Squeeze rasmalai and transfer in rabri..
  20. Keep in refrigerator for 4 hours..
  21. Cool cool rasmalai is ready for serve..

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