Seasoning to Cook Rich & Delicious Kesar Pista Rasmalai Tasty

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Ingredients requirements for Rich & Delicious Kesar Pista Rasmalai

  1. Require 400 gm for fresh paneer.
  2. You need 1 tsp cardamom powder.
  3. Need 1 litre – full fat milk.
  4. Prepare 1 cup chopped pistachios.
  5. Provide 1 cup – chopped almonds.
  6. You need 6-8 Kesar(saffron) strands.
  7. It’s 2 tbsp for milk for dissolving kesar.
  8. Need 1.5 cups of sugar for rabdi.
  9. You need 1 cup sugar for sugar syrup.
  10. Need 2 cups of water for sugar syrup.
  11. It’s as needed of Kesar strands ( saffron)and chopped pistachios for garnish.

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Rich & Delicious Kesar Pista Rasmalai how to cook

  1. Crumble paneer like this and place in centre of a clean cloth. Tie it up and let it hang for 30 mins minimum..
  2. After 30 mins the water will drain out and you will get the paneer like this. If it’s still very moist hang it for longer. If dry add just a little bit of water and knead..
  3. Form small round discs from the paneer. This is the chenna part of our Rasmalai. Make it smooth without any cracks on the surface..
  4. In the 2 cups water in a wide vessel add the 1 cup sugar and dissolve completely. Then add 1 tsp cardamom powder..
  5. Now quickly but gently add the chenna discs into this sugar syrup and cover the lid immediately. If lid is not closed soon the chenna will become flat..
  6. Let the chenna boil in the sugar syrup for 10 mins on high flame. Remember to close the lid the whole time. Once cooked take off from stove and let it rest with the lid on and covered..
  7. Now to make the Rabri part of our Rasmalai. In a wide and heavy bottomed pan boil the milk until it foams up..
  8. Now reduce flame to medium and keep boiling the milk until it reduces to half the quantity. Scrape the cream formed on the sides of pan into the milk. Keep stirring in intervals..
  9. Dissolve the Kesar strands in 2tbsp milk and add to the boiled milk. Mix well. (Or more yellow colour is desired you can add more Kesar or yellow food colour).
  10. Add all the sugar now and mix well..
  11. Add in the chopped pista and almonds..
  12. Keep cooking until Rabri thickens a little. Remove 1 cup from this and store in fridge for later..
  13. Now take the chenna disc one by one press off a little sugar syrup with a spoon and as shown below. Don’t flatten it. Then drop them into the Rabri. Repeat for all chenna discs. Keep covered and let it soak for 3-4 hrs minimum for best taste..
  14. Serving suggestion: in a bowl place 2 chenna pieces. Pour some Rabri over it. Then pour some chilled Rabri (that we stored earlier) into it. Garnish with chopped pista and Kesar is desired. Serve immediately!.
  15. These Rasmalai can be stored in the fridge for 2-3 days max. But because of the delicious and rich taste you might end up eating it all in one day! 😉.

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