Ingredients to Prepare Ragi oats dryfruits cake Perfect

Ragi oats dryfruits cake. Hello Friends Today I share my new recipe of Oatmeal Dry Fruit Chocolate Cake, which is made without Cocoa Powder (with Hershey's Syrup). Ragi Oats Cake,sugar free cake,,ragi oats cake recipe,sugarless cake,PBS,Tasty,Serious Eats,Everyday Food,Loura in the Kitchen,Binging with babish,Food. Make this healthy dry fruits ladoo oats ladoo.

I have also used cornflakes to give a crunchy touch and a very small quantity of rock sugar since my kids love them. Ragi cake, an eggless cake recipe using finger millet flour. Soft, moist and delicious chocolate ragi cake with video. Food preparation Ragi oats dryfruits cake is a fun point, moreover it comes to be a lot more unique worth if you prepare it yourself. By utilizing the following 16 ingredients, you can start cooking 10 steps. observe the following area for you to begin cooking promptly.

Ingredients for Ragi oats dryfruits cake

  1. You need 1 cup of ragi flour.
  2. Need 1/2 cup – oats powder.
  3. Require 1/4 cup of milk powder.
  4. Need 1 cup sugar powder.
  5. You need 1 teaspoon – vanilla essence.
  6. Need 1 teaspoon for baking powder.
  7. Need 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda.
  8. Need 1/2 cup of chopped mix dryfruits (almond, cashew pista,).
  9. You need 1 tablespoon raisins.
  10. Need 3/4 cup for milk.
  11. Require 1/2 cup for oil.
  12. Provide 3 tablespoons of curd.
  13. Need 1 teaspoon – vinegar.
  14. It’s 1/4 cup melted dark chocolate.
  15. Give 1 teaspoons pumpkin seeds.
  16. Provide 2 tablespoon – sugar powder.

This ragi cake is made of no refined ingredients and is quite healthy if eaten in moderation. Swasti ma'am, I want a healthier versionmof Bournvita's Banana & Oats biscuits. The result is a soft, moist cake that will make it hard to resist reaching out for another piece. This Ragi Dark Chocolate Cake recipe is Excellent and find more Great recipes, tried & tested recipes from NDTV Food.

Ragi oats dryfruits cake process

  1. In a mixing bowl sieve ragi flour, baking soda, baking powder, milk powder, sugar powder mix well..
  2. Mix oats powder in it..
  3. In another bowl add dryfruits and 1 teaspoon ragi flour mix it..
  4. In another mixing bowl add curd, oil, vinegar, vanilla essence mix well now add ragi flour mixture and milk in batches..
  5. Make ribbon consistency batter,add half of the chopped dryfruits mix well..
  6. Then in baking tray arrange butter paper apply oil, pour this batter,sprinkle rest of dryfruits and tap twice..
  7. In preheat oven bake it for 30-35 mins On 180 degree..
  8. Cool it completely and demould it. Sprinkle powder sugar..
  9. Pour melted dark chocolate in piping bag and garnish on cake.
  10. Sprinkle pumpkin seeds and serve it..

The fruit cake lovers and the fruit cake haters. I used to be a fruit cake hater for a very long time. Then it all changed one day. Clean the dry fruits and get rid of any stems. The trick with fruit cakes is to chop the dried fruits.

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