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Churma Laddoo. Churma Ladoo is a famous rajasthani sweet made by rolling churma made from whole wheat flour into balls. These are often served along with Dal & Bati. This authentic gujarati churma ladoo is the most lovable authentic sweet recipes in India.

Ganesh Chaturthi is near and ladoo recipes are one of the most favourite for the. Delicious churma ladoo made with whole wheat flour and semolina, ghee and sugar, it is time taking but delicious treat. In addition I also made this Churma Ladoo. Food preparation Churma Laddoo is an enjoyable point, additionally it becomes more unique value if you cook it yourself. By using the adhering to 6 active ingredients, you can start cooking 6 actions. observe the following area for you to begin cooking right away.

Ingredients – Churma Laddoo

  1. Give 2 cups for whole wheat flour.
  2. Prepare 1/2 cup – jaggerry (melted).
  3. Need 4 tbsp of ghee.
  4. Prepare 1/2 tsp of green cardamom powder.
  5. Prepare Pinch of salt.
  6. It’s As required for Poppy seeds for coating.

Find churma ladoo stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Churma Laddoo Recipe, Choorma Laddoo, Rajasthani Churma Ladoo Recepie. How To make Rajasthani Churma Ladoo. Take out the flour and farina in a utensil.

Churma Laddoo process

  1. Take whole wheat flour in a large plate. Make hole in between. Add ghee. Mix well with hands..
  2. Add salt. Add water as required and make a dough..
  3. Divide it into equal parts and give shape. Deep fry in ghee till golden and crisp..
  4. Let it cool down. Now grind to a coarse mixture. Add melted jaggerry and green cardamom powder. Mix well..
  5. Divide the mixture into equal parts. Shape them like laddoo. Coat with poppy seeds. Make lines with knife..
  6. Serve..

Churma Ladoo or Churma na Ladwa is Indian sweet made during special occasions or festivals. Churma Ladoo is traditional Gujarati sweet as well Rajasthani. Churma Ladoo is one of the most wholesome and delicious ladoos you could make at home. This Ladoo is most lovable authentic sweet recipes in India. Churma Ladoo is a delicious Indian recipe served as a Snacks.

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