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Mutton kosa in desi style. Desi Style Mutton Curry Preparation in The Mango Garden Today I am going to prepare adelicious mutton recipe named MUTTON KASA. I ve explained details how to cook this. # Mutton Kasa # Bengali style.

Make it at home anytime with this easy to follow recipe. Mangso kosa / Mutton kosa is a very popular mutton recipe from the state. Please subscribe my channel and share with your friends and family member's and don't forget to press bell icon to receive. mutton and vegetables and originated in Bengal. Food preparation Mutton kosa in desi style is an enjoyable point, furthermore it becomes extra special worth if you prepare it yourself. By utilizing the adhering to 12 active ingredients, you can begin cooking 6 steps. observe the following area for you to start cooking instantly.

Composition for Mutton kosa in desi style

  1. Provide 1 kg – Moton.
  2. Prepare 2 tbsp of Ginger garlic paste.
  3. You need 2 of Onions.
  4. Require as needed for Mustard oil.
  5. Prepare As required of Water.
  6. Require 1 tsp – Garam masala.
  7. Give 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder.
  8. Give To taste – Salt.
  9. Provide for Coriander powder.
  10. Prepare 1 tsp Red chilli powder.
  11. Prepare As needed – Sugar.
  12. Provide 1 tsp for Khadakpuri masala.

Railway mutton curry is a variation of the dish that originated during the British Raj colonial-era. Primary ingredients of mutton curry include mutton, onion, tomato and spices.\r Mutton curry was originally prepared heated by a fire in a large pot. mutton curry by village style #muttoncurry. Mom's Special Recipe of Mutton Curry I Homemade Dhaba Style Punjabi Mutton Curry Löydä HD-arkistokuvia ja miljoonia muita rojaltivapaita arkistovalokuvia, -kuvituskuvia ja -vektoreita Shutterstockin kokoelmasta hakusanalla Handi Mutton Curry Desi Style Indian.

Mutton kosa in desi style start cooking

  1. First make the moton soil chula by the wood. Very tasty dish prepared.
  2. First take a silver pane. Add oil. Then add pinch of sugar when red PPT occure then add chopped onion.
  3. After frying the onion add the paste of ginger and garlic.then add salt and turmeric powder. After that put the khadagpuri masala and coriander powder..
  4. Saute the masala half an hour until the oil floats in the masala. In that case add little bit water and stair well. Concious that the masala could not burn..
  5. After that add the goat meat and stair it very well with masala. Then cooking this meat up-to 40mintues. Cook this Food and cover it sometimes open the lid and stair. The the very tasty and delicious recipe is ready to serve..
  6. It a time taking recipe but very tasty….

Tuhansia uusia ja laadukkaita kuvia joka päivä. DHABA Style Mutton Curry-Panjabi Mutton Curry-Mutton Curry in Mustard Oil. Mutton Curry Dhaba Style Recipe By Chef Shaheen. Authentic Ambur Vaniyambadi style Mutton Biryani Recipe. Authentic Tamilnadu Arcot Muslim Style Star Mutton Biryani.

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