Easiest to Prepare Jow and Radish leaves Parantha Delicious

Jow and Radish leaves Parantha. Made with grated radish, radish leaves, whole wheat flour and common spice powders, these healthy mooli parathas are extremely nutritious and filling. Paratha or stuffed paratha are sumptuous Indian flat-breads that can be relished with curd, pickle, raita or even sabji. They can be as simple as the plain.

Mooli paratha (radish-stuffed paratha, popular in most regions of northern India and the Punjab region of India.) Paneer paratha (stuffed with cottage cheese). The taste of the radish paratha made with fibrous and dense radish roots is not that great. Coriander leaves – Some leaves as shown. Food preparation Jow and Radish leaves Parantha is a fun point, in addition it comes to be a lot more unique worth if you prepare it on your own. By utilizing the complying with 5 components, you can begin cooking 4 actions. observe the adhering to section for you to start cooking instantly.

Ingredients Jow and Radish leaves Parantha

  1. Provide 3 cups of Jow ka atta.
  2. Prepare as required Chopped leaves of radish.
  3. Provide to taste Salt.
  4. Provide 2 tsp Ajwain.
  5. Provide as required for Water for kneading.

Grate the Mooli(Radish) and squeeze the water from it. Don't drain out the water as it will be used in Kneading Flour. Add Flour in Radish in Flour Dough Kneading Plate. Radish Paratha – a stuffed parantha recipe from land of Punjab.

Jow and Radish leaves Parantha process

  1. Knead a tight dough mixing all the ingredients. Keep aside for 10 minutes Knead again..
  2. Take a ball and roll like a normal roti/ parantha..
  3. You can shape it the way you like..
  4. Apply ghee/butter when it is cooked and serve it with curry or sabzi of your choice..

It is nothing but a whole bread Indian bread stuffed with saut̩ed, spiced mooli/radish stuffing. It is a healthy breakfast that can be taken with raita. Radishes have a lot of friends in the vegetable garden, so learning which plants do especially well alongside radishes can improve the Chard, the bold leafy vegetable that's closely related to beet, is another likely candidate. As row markers, the radish seeds germinate within a week. Mooli Paratha recipe Рa stuffed parantha recipe from land of Punjab.

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