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Aloo gobhi Ki sabji. Aloo Gobi Recipe-Simple and Easy Aloo Gobhi for Lunch Box-Cauliflower and Potato Stir Fry-Aloo. sabzi,gobhi recipe,masaledar gobhi,kids lunchbox recipe,tiffin wali sabzi recipe,fulgobhi aloo,potatoes,gobhi,cauliflower,vegetable,desi,easy,travel,Kitchen. Dosto aaj chaliye Aloo Gobhi ki Sabzi Recipe banate hain, iska taste mast aaega, dhaba style aur shaadi style me. So this Aloo gobi sabzi derives it main flavor and aroma from ginger, red chili powder and garam masala.

This is dry sabzi and goes very well with roti, paratha, bread or. The method to make aloo gobhi ki sabzi is very simple and we have made it using ingredients that are available in every Below are some of my favorite quick and easy sabji recipes made using cauliflower Garnish the aloo gobhi ki sabji with a sprig of coriander and serve hot with parathas or rotis. Aloo gobhi ki sabzi can be found in the menu card of every big or small restaurant and dhaba's. Food preparation Aloo gobhi Ki sabji is an enjoyable point, in addition it comes to be more special worth if you cook it yourself. By utilizing the complying with 15 ingredients, you can start cooking 7 steps. observe the following section for you to start cooking quickly.

Ingredients Aloo gobhi Ki sabji

  1. Require 4 potatoes (cut into small slices).
  2. Require 1 cauliflower (cut into small pieces).
  3. Prepare 2 for finely chopped onions.
  4. It’s 2 of finely chopped tomatoes.
  5. Require As needed of Green leafy coriander leaves for garnish.
  6. It’s To taste salt.
  7. It’s 1/4 tbs for turmeric powder.
  8. Prepare 1 of finely chopped green chilli.
  9. Give 1 tbsp – coriander powder.
  10. You need 1/4 tbsp of red chilli powder.
  11. Prepare 1/4 tbsp asafoetida powder.
  12. Prepare 1/4 tbsp black pepper powder.
  13. You need As needed of oil.
  14. Require 1/2 tbsp – cumin seeds.
  15. You need 1 tbsp for ginger garlic paste.

Every home have it's own version and choice of spices to make it. some like to deep fry the vegetables before adding in the curry,some make it in the tomato gravy-I have already posted Gobhi Masala but. Ingredients of Gobhi Aloo (Aloo Gobhi) recipe: This delicious Aloo Gobhi recipe is made of thick yogurt with a hint of butter that makes it a bit different from the usual aloo gobhi and is a semi-gravy dish. Mixed with spices and green chillies, this recipe makes for a spicy and tangy dish to savour for. Bandh Gobhi / Patta Gobhi Aloo ki Sabji ".

Aloo gobhi Ki sabji start cooking

  1. Heat oil in pan, add asafoetida powder,cumin seeds and green chilli in it..
  2. Now add onion, fry it for 5 minutes then add tomatoes in it and salt as needed..
  3. Now cook it for five minutes then add turmeric powder, red chilli powder,black pepper powder, coriander powder and ginger garlic paste in it. Cook it for 3- 4 minutes.
  4. Now add potatoes and cauliflower in it..
  5. Cook it on medium to low flame for 15-20 minutes,.
  6. Now garnish with green coriander leaves..
  7. Now sabji is ready to serve with chappati..

It is so simple ,uncomplicated. but full of flavors. Great for a quick weeknight meal. Aloo gobi masala gravy, Aloo gobi halwai style, Shaadi wali aloo gobhi ki sabji, Cauliflower Potato Recipe Ingredients : Peeled. Aloo Gobhi ki Sabzi Recipe-Aloo Gobhi Matar ki Sukhi sabzi-Masaledar Aloo Gobi sabzi. Watch the video and learn how to prepare dry aloo gobi sabzi.

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