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Methi aloo. Aloo methi recipe With video and step by step photos – potatoes with fenugreek leaves made in North Indian style. This delicious Punjabi aloo methi recipe is made with minimal ingredients and a family. Aloo methi recipe with step by step photos.

Yet, every time you taste it, it feels exotic, with the softness of potatoes and the pleasing bitterness of methi. aloo methi is an everyday Punjabi sabzi. easy, tasty and awesome. Yet, every time you taste it, potatoes Aside from aloo methi try other sabzi combos with methi like Methi Palak Paneer Subzi. Aloo Methi is a delicious dish made with potatoes, fenugreek leaves, and a combination of spices. Food preparation Methi aloo is a fun point, furthermore it becomes extra special value if you prepare it on your own. By using the following 8 components, you can begin cooking 7 steps. observe the adhering to section for you to begin cooking instantly.

Composition of Methi aloo

  1. Give 500 gm for Methi.
  2. Give 3-4 potato (cut into pieces).
  3. Require 2-3 green chilli chopped.
  4. Need 1/2 of ts salt.
  5. Provide 1/4 – ts red chilli.
  6. Prepare 1/4 of ts haladi.
  7. Provide 1/4 of ts garam masala.
  8. Give 1 tablespoon – oil.

Fenugreek is a green leafy vegetable with a unique taste that is packed with nutrients. This Aloo Methi was quite a winter staple in my home and is best enjoyed with flatbread like roti. The best part about this aloo methi recipe is that it's so basic. This is exactly how it was made in my home.

Methi aloo start cooking

  1. Methi ko cut kar ke dho le..
  2. Krahi me oil dale.oil garam karein.usme methi dale..
  3. Methi Ka water thoda dry hone tak full flame par rakhe..
  4. Fir gas slow kar de.or is me potato dale.mix karein..
  5. Salt, red chilli,haldi,green chilli dale. mix karein..
  6. Or aalo pakne tak slow flame Par rakhe..
  7. Pakne par gas off karein.or garam masala daal kar mix karein..

Aloo methi recipe -How to makeAloo Methi, Learn the recipeAloo Methi by vahchef. For all recipes, Sukka Aloo methi dry curry, a Indian vegetarian Simple side dish for chapthi and roti. Aloo methi recipe – a dry vegetable dish aka sabzi made with potatoes and fenugreek leaves. Whenever you buy methi leaves, I highly recommend that you make this aloo methi subzi.. Aloo Methi Dhaba Style – This is a very Quick, Easy , Simple and Delicious Aloo Methi Recipe.

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