Seasoning to Recipe: Potato paratha Yummy

Potato paratha. Put the mashed potatoes, coriander and cumin powders, cumin seeds, turmeric, chili powder, salt to Just gather up the filling and either keep aside or try to put it back into the paratha and pinch the. Aloo paratha With step by step photos. Popular Indian breakfast of unleavened whole wheat flat bread stuffed with a spiced potato stuffing.

sweet potato roti with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy and popular indian flatbread recipe made with mashed sweet potato and wheat flour. unlike the other traditional paratha. Aloo Paratha is North India's favourite breakfast. It is so filling and tasty that it is also enjoyed as The key to making flawless, tastier and soft Aloo Paratha is to mash the potatoes well using a masher or. Food preparation Potato paratha is an enjoyable thing, additionally it becomes more special worth if you prepare it yourself. By utilizing the complying with 8 ingredients, you can begin cooking 3 actions. observe the adhering to section for you to begin cooking promptly.

Ingredients requirements – Potato paratha

  1. You need 2 bowl for wheat flour.
  2. You need to taste – Salt.
  3. Give 2 boiled potato.
  4. It’s to taste – Salt.
  5. You need to taste – Red chilli.
  6. Require 1 tsp for fennel seeds.
  7. Prepare 1 pinch for hing.
  8. Require as needed – Oil or ghee.

Aloo paratha recipe dhaba style with step by step photos. Learn how to make rustic,wholesome and filling potato stuffed Indian flatbread. Sweet Potato Paratha or Shakarkand (shakarkandi) paratha is easy and quick paratha made with mashed sweet potato and wheat flour. In this Kale Potato Paratha recipe, I add steamed potato, which make the parathas soft and flaky meaning you can eliminate the step of layering the dough.

Potato paratha making

  1. Mix salt and flour and ke ead well by adding water.
  2. Mix potato and spice,make stuffing.
  3. Roll a chapati,stuff by this filling,roll it and cook on hot tawa.

A paratha (pronounced [pəˈrɑːtʰə]) is a flatbread native to the Indian subcontinent, prevalent throughout the modern-day nations of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives and Myanmar. The aloo paratha is a flatbread stuffed with a spicy potato mix that is served warm with a dollop of If you find yourself in the North of India, the paratha will find you. Mainly at breakfast time, but not only. Aloo Palak Ka Paratha, a flat bread with a potato spinach stuffing. This paratha is a perfect breakfast treat for the family and friends.

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